Tuesday, July 4, 2017

AwardedEssay.com review

We’ve all “been there.” We have an assignment for an essay or paper in a course we hate on a topic we also hate. Or we just have too many to write and are going to pull all-nighters and miss a couple of parties. Not our idea of a fun college life at all.

One long night while I agonized over the latest paper, I knew there had to be a better way. I had heard about students using essay writing services, so I googled the subject. OMG – thousands of them. 

How to choose? This was not going to be easy. I knew some of these companies were real scams, and I needed a great paper fast – it was due in two days. 

So, I asked around – quietly. Some people don’t want it known that they use writing services. But a student in my dorm did tell me to go to Awarded Essays – she used them all the time.

I got in touch with them right away. Could they write a 10-page paper on Buddhism for my comparative religion classes in two days? The answer was yes, so I just turned it over to them, by filling out the order form.

Here’s How It Worked

I filled out the form and had to give them lots of detail and make payment. Pretty soon I had a confirmation email and a personal account. 

They assigned a writer, and I could message him through my account. He had some questions about the assignment, and I could answer them. 

When the paper was finished, I got an email notification, went to my account, and reviewed the paper. It was amazing.

I pushed the “approve” button and got it in Word format for downloading. If I had wanted any changes, I would have pushed the “revision request” button and my writer would have done them.

Here’s What the Pricing Looks Like

The prices depend on what you order, what your academic level is, and how fast you need it. They write anything from essays, to papers, book reviews and even speeches and PowerPoints. I plan to order a case study I have to have in a couple of weeks.

High school kids can get an essay for $12.99 a page. Because I am in college and needed my paper in two days, I paid $20.99 a page, but got a 15% discount for being a new customer. It was worth it. I had an amazing paper.

And if I go back for more, I’ll get more discounts.

Stuff You Don’t Pay For

Customers don’t pay for title pages, outlines, or bibliographies. And revisions are free too. I also got a plagiarism report, which made me confident that I could turn it in without any fear. 

All in All – I am Really Happy

This is a great writing service.
  • They have every type of student and every subject “covered” with qualified writers.
  • They can write any type of assignment, even help with my calculus homework
  • They met my deadline, even though it was really urgent
  • The paper was right the first time
  • They are just nice people – everyone from customer service to my writer
I am only a sophomore in college, and I have two more years to go. The great thing is I have found a writing service to use whenever I need it. Problem solved!

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