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Have you ever been in a major bind with writing assignments? Too many to do and too little time to get them done? Maybe you are a procrastinator like me; or maybe you just aren’t good at writing, and you need to get some good grades to bring that course grade up. Maybe you have a part-time job and run out of time. 

My procrastination finally caught up with me towards the end of last semester. I had four papers due and no way were they going to be done well. That’s when I started looking for some online help.

Wow – so many online writing companies to choose from! I didn’t know where to begin. As luck would have it, another student in my dorm had had really good experiences with Gloss Essays, so I gave them a try.

In short – they are great. Here was my experience.

The Website

I landed on the website and was able to navigate all around, looking at the type of writing they offer, the prices and discounts, samples from their writers, a pretty cool blog, and very detailed policies. 

The Services

The great thing about this company is that a student can order virtually any type of writing product, no matter what their academic level. I ordered two of the four papers that I had – one in economics, and one in biology. And then my roommate ordered her case study in business.

We Got Quality!

First of all, we got our papers on time, which was huge. They were delivered on our own personal accounts, and we got to review them before giving our approval. Then I just downloaded them in Word – that was it. Pretty easy.

But the best part was that they were great papers. My writers used the resources I gave them. The thesis statements were just right, and even the formatting. I ended up with two papers ready to turn in that were just what I wanted. 

Reasonable Prices

So, about those prices. They start at $10.99 a page for high school stuff. For my level, a junior in college, I paid $16.55 a page, with a 7-day deadline. - $132.40 for each paper.
That price, though, was before the 15% discount I got as a new customer. So, I only paid $112.54 for each paper. And if I go back for more (which I will), I’ll get more discounts.

There’s Free Stuff Too 

If I had wanted any revisions to what my writers sent, I could have gotten them for free.
And you don’t pay for the title or bibliography pages either. If I had needed an outline, that would have been free too. I also got a plagiarism report for each paper to prove that they were not plagiarized.

Here’s What I Really Like

There’s lots of things to like about Gloss Essays:

  • You get a different writer for each order – someone who has a degree in that topic
  • You get to talk with your writer at any time, on yur account page  
  • You get to give all of the details of what you need, and the writers follow them  
  • The prices are pretty great
  • Things are delivered on time

I am really happy with this service. If anyone is thinking about getting some help with their writing, Gloss Essays is the way to go.

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