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So, I admit it. I love many things about college life. One of them is not writing mountains of essays and papers, especially for courses that have nothing to do with my major. I am a computer science major. Why, then, do I have to write an essay on Moby Dick? Why, then do I have to do a research paper on the financial meltdown of 2008 and compare it to the Great Depression of the 30’s? 

I knew there was a better way – and that way was to find a writing service that would do these essays and papers for me so I could concentrate on other things – my major, of course, but how about those fun times? Could I get a beak to go to a party or just out for pizza and beer with some friends? Apparently not, if I was going to get all of these assignments done.

Then a friend suggested Write My Essay 4 Me, an online writing service that she had used a few times. She said they did an “okay” job for her, and she was at least passing all of her courses. 

So, I gave it a “whirl.” What did I have to lose? Some money, I guess.

Getting on the Website

The website was pretty well-organized. There were links to pages that gave lots of information. What concerned me a bit was the grammar and word usage on the site content. It was pretty obvious that foreigners owned the site and had composed all of the content. Don’t get me wrong. It was understandable, just not in good English.

Still, I figured they hired English-speaking writers, like they said, so that was a good thing. After all, they had been in this business for 13 years, or so they said.

Placing the Order

I had a few problems here – maybe it was because I was new to this. 

First of all, the price I was quoted on the home page calculator was wrong. I had to contact customer service for the right price.

Then, I kept getting kicked off of the order form page. Again, I had to contact customer service, and they ended up getting the order done for me. At this point, I am not inspired by confidence. Still I made the payment (which was very secure), and was told that a qualified writer would be assigned. 

Getting My Account Page and My Final Draft

I was assigned a customer ID number and given an account page so that I could communicate with my writer and check on how things were going. My writer did respond to my greeting and said he was working on my paper and that it would be completed in time. And it was.

There was just one problem. The final draft was not the quality that I expected. The company had promised a native English-speaking writer, and that was not what I got. This writer, while very nice and responsive, was obviously a foreigner, and the grammar and composition was not good.

So, I asked for revisions. These were free, and the writer really tried. Unfortunately, he was just not an English expert. Finally, I took delivery of the paper and re-wrote a lot of it myself, because the due date was fast arriving. And I missed a party to do it. 

About the Pricing

Prices are pretty reasonable. A high school student will pay $12/page for an essay, and the prices go up from there all the way to $50/page for Ph.D. level work. They depend on the study level and the deadline date.

I had to go through customer service for my price and it finally came to $119.00 for my 8-page paper, after I asked for a discount and was given one for 5%. My friend had told me that there were no discounts offered on the site, but that I could get one if I asked for it.

There are Some Extras

I didn’t have to pay for my title page or bibliography and the revisions were free, such as they were. They promised a plagiarism report but, in the end, there was a fee for it. 

I could have paid more for a “premium” writer, and maybe I would have gotten better quality – I don’t know. There is also an extra fee if you want it edited and proofread, and may that would have helped too. Still, I kind of thought that if I ordered a paper with the promise of high quality, I would have gotten it without all the extra charges.

Will I Use Them Again?

Probably not. I have since found a couple of other writing services that do a much better job, and I don’t have to worry about re-writing what I get.

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