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Have you ever offered a friend money to write an essay or paper for you? I have may times. And sometimes they really have come through for me. Other times, they have been too busy with their own writing assignments, no matter how much I have been willing to pay. This was really not a permanent solution, especially since I am a terrible writer (my major is physics), and I really don’t have the time to spend getting better. I just need those essays and papers in all of those other courses written for me.

So, I began to look for a writing service that could get this “monkey” off my back. 

I started my search online through Google. I had no idea how many there are out there, and there was no way to figure out how to choose a good one. They all said the same things, although some said it better than others. And who can believe the testimonials they post? Most of them they write themselves, I think.

My little brother is still in high school, and he told me he had ordered an essay from Write My Paper. He said it was pretty good, though what his definition of that is, I am not sure. Anyway, he had not been scammed, so I decided to give it a try.

The Website

The website is pretty well-organized, and I was able to navigate around and learn a little bit about the company. A lot of the information repeats itself, and the company claims to be the #1 rated by students – I couldn’t find any proof of this.

I also couldn’t find any information about the writers, and there weren’t any samples on the site that I could read. I did live chat with a company agent, but he wasn’t too helpful other than to say they were all degreed and qualified.

My Experience

So, I ordered a short research paper that was an assignment from my economics class – I have no interest in economics at all. 

As soon as I placed and paid for my order, I got a personal account. There were options there to speak with my writer, and to contact customer service. I was also told that when my paper was finished it would be uploaded there for me to review.

I had set a deadline of 7 days. ON day 6, I messaged my writer to see if it would be done on time. No response. On day 7, though, it was delivered, and I opened it up to see.

The paper was a disappointment. First of all, my writer didn’t follow my instructions about the resources to use. And I couldn’t find any real thesis to it. The writing was pretty disjointed, and I had a hard time following the train of thought. It seemed that a lot of the content was just “fluff” put in there to take up space and get to the 8 pages I needed.

I asked for revisions. No response. Three days later I got revisions, but the paper was no better. The resources I wanted were listed in the bibliography but there were no citations to them in the paper itself. The writing was a little bit better though.

I kind of figured the paper might get a “C.” But I was out of time and had to turn it in. Yep – I got a C-.

Checking Out the Writers

I decided to do a little checking on the site to see what I could find out about the writers. I think mine was a foreigner by the words he used and the mistakes in sentences. 

I found a link for how to apply to be a writer. You have to have a blog and then write a blog article with a link to their site. Then, they read the blog post and, if it is okay, you get a job with them. They don’t even k for degrees or colleges attended. This doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. And how does blog writing relate to academic writing?


This may be the best part of the company. Prices start at $9 a page for an essay and go up depending on what you order, your grade in school, and your deadline. The paper I bought was $119.00 and then I got a 10% discount.

But I also think you get what you pay for, and I would have rather spent more money and gotten a better paper.

My Overall Impression

I don’t think I would recommend this writing service to anyone above the high school level. The stuff they produce is just no college quality. I will not use them again.

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