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Buying Academic Writing Assignments Online - Who Can You Trust?

Would you be surprised to learn that there are over 100,000 online writing services, all competing for your business? And more are popping up every day. this has become a huge industry.

Unfortunately, as with any large industry there are “good guys” and “bad guys.” Students get “burned” all of the time, ordering and paying for essays and papers that either never arrive, or, when they do, are so badly written that they are worthless.

So how do you find the best essay writing services? You find them here, of course.

We have made it our mission to find the best essay writing service companies so you do not have to ever get burned again. By using one of the top 5 essay writing services featured in our blog, you will be able to get exactly what you want when you need it. Here are reviews by customers that sum up what these 5 companies do (or don’t do) for their customers.

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Site review 

Have you ever been in a major bind with writing assignments? Too many to do and too little time to get them done? Maybe you are a procrastinator like me; or maybe you just aren’t good at writing, and you need to get some good grades to bring that course grade up. Maybe you have a part-time job and run out of time. 

My procrastination finally caught up with me towards the end of last semester. I had four papers due and no way were they going to be done well. That’s when I started looking for some online help.

Wow – so many online writing companies to choose from! I didn’t know where to begin. As luck would have it, another student in my dorm had had really good experiences with Gloss Essays, so I gave them a try.

In short – they are great. Here was my experience.

The Website

I landed on the website and was able to navigate all around, looking at the type of writing they offer, the prices and discounts, samples from their writers, a pretty cool blog, and very detailed policies. 

The Services

The great thing about this company is that a student can order virtually any type of writing product, no matter what their academic level. I ordered two of the four papers that I had – one in economics, and one in biology. And then my roommate ordered her case study in business.

We Got Quality!

First of all, we got our papers on time, which was huge. They were delivered on our own personal accounts, and we got to review them before giving our approval. Then I just downloaded them in Word – that was it. Pretty easy.

But the best part was that they were great papers. My writers used the resources I gave them. The thesis statements were just right, and even the formatting. I ended up with two papers ready to turn in that were just what I wanted. 

Reasonable Prices

So, about those prices. They start at $10.99 a page for high school stuff. For my level, a junior in college, I paid $16.55 a page, with a 7-day deadline. - $132.40 for each paper.
That price, though, was before the 15% discount I got as a new customer. So, I only paid $112.54 for each paper. And if I go back for more (which I will), I’ll get more discounts.

There’s Free Stuff Too 

If I had wanted any revisions to what my writers sent, I could have gotten them for free.
And you don’t pay for the title or bibliography pages either. If I had needed an outline, that would have been free too. I also got a plagiarism report for each paper to prove that they were not plagiarized.

Here’s What I Really Like

There’s lots of things to like about Gloss Essays:

  • You get a different writer for each order – someone who has a degree in that topic
  • You get to talk with your writer at any time, on yur account page  
  • You get to give all of the details of what you need, and the writers follow them  
  • The prices are pretty great
  • Things are delivered on time

I am really happy with this service. If anyone is thinking about getting some help with their writing, Gloss Essays is the way to go. review

We’ve all “been there.” We have an assignment for an essay or paper in a course we hate on a topic we also hate. Or we just have too many to write and are going to pull all-nighters and miss a couple of parties. Not our idea of a fun college life at all.

One long night while I agonized over the latest paper, I knew there had to be a better way. I had heard about students using essay writing services, so I googled the subject. OMG – thousands of them. 

How to choose? This was not going to be easy. I knew some of these companies were real scams, and I needed a great paper fast – it was due in two days. 

So, I asked around – quietly. Some people don’t want it known that they use writing services. But a student in my dorm did tell me to go to Awarded Essays – she used them all the time.

I got in touch with them right away. Could they write a 10-page paper on Buddhism for my comparative religion classes in two days? The answer was yes, so I just turned it over to them, by filling out the order form.

Here’s How It Worked

I filled out the form and had to give them lots of detail and make payment. Pretty soon I had a confirmation email and a personal account. 

They assigned a writer, and I could message him through my account. He had some questions about the assignment, and I could answer them. 

When the paper was finished, I got an email notification, went to my account, and reviewed the paper. It was amazing.

I pushed the “approve” button and got it in Word format for downloading. If I had wanted any changes, I would have pushed the “revision request” button and my writer would have done them.

Here’s What the Pricing Looks Like

The prices depend on what you order, what your academic level is, and how fast you need it. They write anything from essays, to papers, book reviews and even speeches and PowerPoints. I plan to order a case study I have to have in a couple of weeks.

High school kids can get an essay for $12.99 a page. Because I am in college and needed my paper in two days, I paid $20.99 a page, but got a 15% discount for being a new customer. It was worth it. I had an amazing paper.

And if I go back for more, I’ll get more discounts.

Stuff You Don’t Pay For

Customers don’t pay for title pages, outlines, or bibliographies. And revisions are free too. I also got a plagiarism report, which made me confident that I could turn it in without any fear. 

All in All – I am Really Happy

This is a great writing service.
  • They have every type of student and every subject “covered” with qualified writers.
  • They can write any type of assignment, even help with my calculus homework
  • They met my deadline, even though it was really urgent
  • The paper was right the first time
  • They are just nice people – everyone from customer service to my writer
I am only a sophomore in college, and I have two more years to go. The great thing is I have found a writing service to use whenever I need it. Problem solved! review 

I had never heard of Essays Deluxe before. In fact, I had never used any writing service, until I got into a panic over a bunch of assignments I was never going to get done on time. I had two research papers, a book review, and a lab report – all due at once.

Another student in my chemistry class said he was using Essays Deluxe for his lab report. He had used them before for other papers and had been happy with the results. I could get one thing off my plate by ordering that report from Essays Deluxe. 

Or maybe they could do one of those papers too. 

Placing the Order and Getting the Products

This was pretty easy. I ordered the lab report and then the paper, paid for them, and crossed my fingers that this was not all a scam. 

It wasn’t. 

I got confirmation of my two orders and two different writers for them – one had a master’s degree in chemistry; the other had a Ph.D. in sociology, the subject of my research paper. That was encouraging.

What was also encouraging was that I could speak directly with my writers while they were completing my orders. In the words of Yoda, “Happy I was.” 

I kept in touch with my writers – they were happy to respond.

When the pieces were finished, I was notified. I got onto my personal account and opened them, a little anxiously I must admit.

Not to worry. They were both perfect. I downloaded them, turned them in, and was definitely a “happy camper” with the A’s I got.

The Prices are Pretty Good

My lab report, a 12-page complex piece, was priced at $18.99 a page, for a total of $227.88. this was before the 15% discount that new customers get. My 8-page research paper was $119 before the 15% discount. 

I would have paid more if I had a more urgent deadline, so advice I would give to other students is to plan ahead and order well in advance. After all, you get a syllabus at the beginning of each semester. Choose what you want them to write, and start ordering. You’ll be happy you did.

Other Important Stuff

I don’t want anyone knowing that I am using Essays Deluxe, and they guarantee confidentiality.

They also guarantee no plagiarism and provide a free plagiarism report to prove it.

And if I ever want revisions to something written for me, they are free. 

Am I Loving Essays Deluxe?

The short answer is “yes.” What a great source for any type of writing I need. And now that I am a senior, I can use them to create my resumes and cover letters while I apply for jobs – they have en entire department just for that too.

Until then, though, I plan to use this writing service as much as I need to get my program finished and walk across that stage. I know that when I order from this company, I will the quality I need every time, at a price I can afford. review

Have you ever offered a friend money to write an essay or paper for you? I have may times. And sometimes they really have come through for me. Other times, they have been too busy with their own writing assignments, no matter how much I have been willing to pay. This was really not a permanent solution, especially since I am a terrible writer (my major is physics), and I really don’t have the time to spend getting better. I just need those essays and papers in all of those other courses written for me.

So, I began to look for a writing service that could get this “monkey” off my back. 

I started my search online through Google. I had no idea how many there are out there, and there was no way to figure out how to choose a good one. They all said the same things, although some said it better than others. And who can believe the testimonials they post? Most of them they write themselves, I think.

My little brother is still in high school, and he told me he had ordered an essay from Write My Paper. He said it was pretty good, though what his definition of that is, I am not sure. Anyway, he had not been scammed, so I decided to give it a try.

The Website

The website is pretty well-organized, and I was able to navigate around and learn a little bit about the company. A lot of the information repeats itself, and the company claims to be the #1 rated by students – I couldn’t find any proof of this.

I also couldn’t find any information about the writers, and there weren’t any samples on the site that I could read. I did live chat with a company agent, but he wasn’t too helpful other than to say they were all degreed and qualified.

My Experience

So, I ordered a short research paper that was an assignment from my economics class – I have no interest in economics at all. 

As soon as I placed and paid for my order, I got a personal account. There were options there to speak with my writer, and to contact customer service. I was also told that when my paper was finished it would be uploaded there for me to review.

I had set a deadline of 7 days. ON day 6, I messaged my writer to see if it would be done on time. No response. On day 7, though, it was delivered, and I opened it up to see.

The paper was a disappointment. First of all, my writer didn’t follow my instructions about the resources to use. And I couldn’t find any real thesis to it. The writing was pretty disjointed, and I had a hard time following the train of thought. It seemed that a lot of the content was just “fluff” put in there to take up space and get to the 8 pages I needed.

I asked for revisions. No response. Three days later I got revisions, but the paper was no better. The resources I wanted were listed in the bibliography but there were no citations to them in the paper itself. The writing was a little bit better though.

I kind of figured the paper might get a “C.” But I was out of time and had to turn it in. Yep – I got a C-.

Checking Out the Writers

I decided to do a little checking on the site to see what I could find out about the writers. I think mine was a foreigner by the words he used and the mistakes in sentences. 

I found a link for how to apply to be a writer. You have to have a blog and then write a blog article with a link to their site. Then, they read the blog post and, if it is okay, you get a job with them. They don’t even k for degrees or colleges attended. This doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. And how does blog writing relate to academic writing?


This may be the best part of the company. Prices start at $9 a page for an essay and go up depending on what you order, your grade in school, and your deadline. The paper I bought was $119.00 and then I got a 10% discount.

But I also think you get what you pay for, and I would have rather spent more money and gotten a better paper.

My Overall Impression

I don’t think I would recommend this writing service to anyone above the high school level. The stuff they produce is just no college quality. I will not use them again. review

So, I admit it. I love many things about college life. One of them is not writing mountains of essays and papers, especially for courses that have nothing to do with my major. I am a computer science major. Why, then, do I have to write an essay on Moby Dick? Why, then do I have to do a research paper on the financial meltdown of 2008 and compare it to the Great Depression of the 30’s? 

I knew there was a better way – and that way was to find a writing service that would do these essays and papers for me so I could concentrate on other things – my major, of course, but how about those fun times? Could I get a beak to go to a party or just out for pizza and beer with some friends? Apparently not, if I was going to get all of these assignments done.

Then a friend suggested Write My Essay 4 Me, an online writing service that she had used a few times. She said they did an “okay” job for her, and she was at least passing all of her courses. 

So, I gave it a “whirl.” What did I have to lose? Some money, I guess.

Getting on the Website

The website was pretty well-organized. There were links to pages that gave lots of information. What concerned me a bit was the grammar and word usage on the site content. It was pretty obvious that foreigners owned the site and had composed all of the content. Don’t get me wrong. It was understandable, just not in good English.

Still, I figured they hired English-speaking writers, like they said, so that was a good thing. After all, they had been in this business for 13 years, or so they said.

Placing the Order

I had a few problems here – maybe it was because I was new to this. 

First of all, the price I was quoted on the home page calculator was wrong. I had to contact customer service for the right price.

Then, I kept getting kicked off of the order form page. Again, I had to contact customer service, and they ended up getting the order done for me. At this point, I am not inspired by confidence. Still I made the payment (which was very secure), and was told that a qualified writer would be assigned. 

Getting My Account Page and My Final Draft

I was assigned a customer ID number and given an account page so that I could communicate with my writer and check on how things were going. My writer did respond to my greeting and said he was working on my paper and that it would be completed in time. And it was.

There was just one problem. The final draft was not the quality that I expected. The company had promised a native English-speaking writer, and that was not what I got. This writer, while very nice and responsive, was obviously a foreigner, and the grammar and composition was not good.

So, I asked for revisions. These were free, and the writer really tried. Unfortunately, he was just not an English expert. Finally, I took delivery of the paper and re-wrote a lot of it myself, because the due date was fast arriving. And I missed a party to do it. 

About the Pricing

Prices are pretty reasonable. A high school student will pay $12/page for an essay, and the prices go up from there all the way to $50/page for Ph.D. level work. They depend on the study level and the deadline date.

I had to go through customer service for my price and it finally came to $119.00 for my 8-page paper, after I asked for a discount and was given one for 5%. My friend had told me that there were no discounts offered on the site, but that I could get one if I asked for it.

There are Some Extras

I didn’t have to pay for my title page or bibliography and the revisions were free, such as they were. They promised a plagiarism report but, in the end, there was a fee for it. 

I could have paid more for a “premium” writer, and maybe I would have gotten better quality – I don’t know. There is also an extra fee if you want it edited and proofread, and may that would have helped too. Still, I kind of thought that if I ordered a paper with the promise of high quality, I would have gotten it without all the extra charges.

Will I Use Them Again?

Probably not. I have since found a couple of other writing services that do a much better job, and I don’t have to worry about re-writing what I get.